APRIL 7, 2018

Don’t miss this prestigious, invitation-only event!


Join top UCR administrators and distinguished faculty as we celebrate your outstanding academic achievement and UC Riverside scholarship award. At UC Riverside, our students, faculty and researchers are trying to change the world and improve the lives of people everywhere. We’d like you to join us.


Our Scholarship Celebration is the perfect opportunity to come see our beautiful park-like campus, network with other incoming students, and enjoy presentations from several on-campus organizations in one exciting day.


RSVP forms will be made available in the near future for next year's event, but in the meantime feel free to visit UC Riverside's different colleges below for more information on our academic programs, and check back often for updates!

Find out more about each of our Colleges below:

Directions to the University of California, Riverside

Check the map below to get directions to the University of California, Riverside. Once on campus, you can follow the signage to the parking lot for Scholarship Celebration.

Scholarship Celebration Event FAQs

Have a question about Scholarship Celebration? Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the annual event.

  • Do I have to make a reservation?

    Yes. A reservation is required. We will do our best to seat guests who show up on the day of the event as space allows, but there are no guarantees a seat will be available.

  • Do I have to show up right at the time my breakfast is advertised to start?

    While it's not a requirement, there is an agenda for each event that includes speakers such as Chancellor Kim Wilcox, the Dean of your college and various other campus representatives. We highly recommend that you show up on time so that you don't miss any important information about the campus or your scholarship. Plus, we'll only be serving food for a certain amount of time. You wouldn't want to miss that!


    The breakfast will be in a covered area and will go on rain or shine. Please don’t forget your umbrellas.

  • Is there a cost to attend?

    No. It is on the house.

  • Is there a charge for parking?

    No. As long as you arrive at the designated lot prior to the event start time, you will receive a complimentary parking pass.

  • Where do I park?

    Scholarship Celebration parking will be in Lot 30. If you are attending the School of Business Administration celebration, please park in Lot 24. When you arrive on campus, please follow the signs to the parking lot for the Scholarship Celebration event.

  • Once I park, where do I go?

    Once you have parked, please follow the signs directing you to the check-in location for your college or school’s celebration. Each college or school check-in will be at the location of each breakfast, which is noted on your invitation.

  • What if I need to change the number of people I reserved space for/cancel my reservation?

    To cancel your reservation or change the number of people who will be attending, please call 951-827-4531.

  • Why can I only bring 2 people with me?

    While we recognize that this is a celebration for the entire family, the University of California, Riverside and Undergraduate Admissions strive to keep costs to a minimum when possible in light of the current budget environment. If you need an additional seat, we will do our best to make that accommodation if given prior notice by calling 951-827-4531.

  • If I attend the Scholarship Celebration, am I committing myself to UCR?

    No. Your attendance at the Scholarship Celebration has no affect on your scholarship status. It is an opportunity for you to visit the campus, meet faculty, current students, staff, and lots more.

  • If I don’t attend the Scholarship Celebration, will I lose my scholarship?


  • If I am attending the Scholarship Celebration, do I need to make a reservation for Highlander Day?

    Highlander Day is an open house for all admitted students starting at 10am on April 7th. If you plan to attend Highlander Day immediately following the Scholarship Celebration, you do not need to RSVP or check-in for Highlander Day. At Scholarship Celebration check-in, you will receive information for Highlander Day.

  • Do I have to attend both the Scholarship Celebration and Highlander Day?

    Of course not! We won't make you do anything you don't want to do. Come for breakfast with the faculty and then stay for Highlander Day where you can take a campus tour, meet more students, and get to know the campus a little better. But if you have to leave right after breakfast, we won't stop you.

  • I was admitted to the Pre-Business major (in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) but my invitation says I should attend the Scholarship Celebration for the School of Business Administration. What should I do?

    Although you have been admitted to the Pre-Business program (housed in CHASS), the hope is that you will one day become a full major in Business Administration (housed in SoBA). For this reason, the School of Business Administration is fully involved in recruitment and would like you to attend sessions and events specifically designed to be focused on this major. If you are not sure you want to be a Business Administration major, feel free to attend another event.

  • I was admitted to one college, but I'm curious about another. Can I attend a different event?

    Yes. But please note that content will be specific to each college for the Scholarship Celebrations. For example, only majors in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) will be discussed at the CNAS Scholarship Celebration. If you have been admitted to CHASS and plan to stay in that college, it is not advisable for you to attend that event.


    Also, because UC Riverside is a selective campus and majors are impacted, it is advisable for you to contact your admission counselor as soon as possible to see about changing your major, particularly if you are thinking about moving to a different college.

Scholarship and Event Contacts

For questions about your scholarship:


tel: (951) 827-3878

email: finaid@ucr.edu

For questions about the Scholarship Celebration:


tel: (951) 827-4531

email: admissions@ucr.edu

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